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The MakerBit links videos & digital media to dioramas or poster board projects for students to learn coding, robotics & physical computing.

Required Evidence


1. Go to and investigate. 2. Select Tutorials and explore . How might you utilize MakerBits in the Classroom? More Info

Makerbit aligned to NYS CS Stantards

1. Go to: 2. Share out a Makerbit Activity and its connection to the NYS CS Standards More Info

Badge Overview

Upon successful completion of this badge, Syracuse Teacher Center Bee Bots may be checked out for a two week period.  Complete this form to request to check out this equipment:

Engaging your classes and learn how to jazz up student projects by teaching students to integrate STEAM technology such as the Maker Bit to create dynamic, interactive projects. The Makerbit Kits comes with the materials to build an interactive volcano to witness how this amazing micro computer can transform your students’ projects in any content area. No previous experience necessary.

Volcano Tri-fold Project:

NYS Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards:

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Astrid Choromanska


Badge awarded on 4/12/21

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