Kahoot in Class

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1. Go to Kahoot.com 2. Select Log-in. 3. Scroll down on log in page to create an account. 4. Locate the Kahoot Academy and search topics. 5. Share below how are you using, or how you plan to use Kahoot in your classroom.

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Using Kahoot in the Classroom

A number of years ago, I worked with ESL Newcomers in a high school just outside of Austin. In the 2012-2013 school year, or maybe the year before that, the school got a grant to use iPads in the classroom. Actually, each student was given an iPad for the year. Luckily, most of the students were careful about their iPads, as they understood that it was a fun way to revolutionize their learning.

Beginning that year, and until I resigned from that position in June 2015, I and many teachers utilized the iPads extensively. I used Kahoot and Socrative in my ESL classroom. I used Socrative for daily warm-ups. It was actually very entertaining because I made use of whatever happened the previous day as a way to review English. (I spent the whole day with my students, as I offered English instruction for 2 blocks and followed the students into other content areas -- Algebra 1, Biology and World Geography -- to offer them support and collaborate with the teachers to give them the best instruction possible). I sometimes took photos of what happened, especially if it was something funny, touching, or unique.

Students loved using Socrative and Kahoot, as it was a game, and everyone wanted to be the winner. I believe that I also counted points and awarded the students with most points at the end of a specific period with non-academic prizes.

In my current Adult ESL classroom, I could easily incorporate Kahoot as a warm-up, or as a review of any kind of grammatical concept or vocabulary, (or anything). Every student has a smart phone, so they could download Kahoot. Will it be as much fun? Probably, especially once they get the hang of it.

In the Kahoot Academy I found an approved ESL educator (Brendan Timlin), but he is British, and he uses more general vocabulary and culturally-based concepts. I would not used them as a core, but certainly they could be used as fun additions.
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