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Create engaging quizzes in a fun and competitive environment. Great to reinforce knowledge and clarify expectations.

Required Evidence

Kahoot in Class

1. Go to Kahoot.com 2. Select Log-in. 3. Scroll down on log in page to create an account. 4. Locate the Kahoot Academy and search topics. 5. Share below how are you using, or how you plan to use Kahoot in your classroom. More Info

Finding Kahoots

Search the Kahoot Academy that you could use in your class and share the link here. More Info

Making a Kahoot

1. View the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJgZZQcsSPk 2. Now create a Kahoot and paste a link to it here. Make sure the link is public so others can use your work! More Info

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Badge awarded on 4/12/21

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