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Watch the Intro to Digital Badges for video at (need to copy and paste link) and tell how you would describe the Digital Badge process to someone who doesn't know.

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Digital Badges is personalized PD for teachers, to help them to integrate technology in the classroom.

In education, there is a push to offer personalized instruction for students. Digital Badges is personalized professional development in the area of technology (digital tools for use in the classroom) for teachers.

The way Digital Badges works is in three steps:
First: Browse, or become familiar with the various badges that you can explore and become a bit-more-of-an-expert in.
Second: Choose your learning path, or decide which badges you will pursue.
Third: Prove with evidence, or for every badge that you study, you will be given a set of tasks to complete to show that you have explored this digital tool and learned how to incorporate it into student learning in the classroom.
choromaa Over 1 year ago