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Turn your classroom into an Escape Room where players use teamwork & critical thinking to solve puzzles in order to open the locked box.

Required Evidence

Create Account

[1] Go to and Log In using your Google account [2] Upload a screenshot of your “Edit Profile Page” More Info

Search, Explore, & Choose Free Games

[1] Click Platform to search, explore, and choose a free game you would like to play in your classroom [2] Email Lisa Gross or Erica Setzer when you have chosen a game and are ready to schedule a date to receive the boxes [3] As evidence, tell why you chose the game More Info

Prepare the Game

[1] Prepare game by reading Story, watching Set-Up Instruction Video Tutorial, and print the materials in Game Resources [2] Once you’ve received the boxes, reset locks with codes needed for game [3] As evidence, upload photo of materials and boxes More Info

Play the Game

[1] Play game with students [2] As evidence, upload photo of your class holding the Breakout EDU Sign More Info

Reflect on the Experience

How did it go? What were some of your struggles? How was the student experience? As evidence, write a brief summary reflecting on your Breakout EDU experience. More Info


Need help? Check out: Need help resetting your locks? Check out: More Info

Badge Overview

The Syracuse Teacher Center purchased BreakOut EDU kits for each of the buildings.  These kits are available in your school library media center.
Breakout EDU is a physical game kit and platform where students work together to solve various puzzles to open a locked box, similar to an escape room. You can use Breakout kits in every subject area and grade level.  Breakout EDU provides students with opportunities to build necessary critical-thinking, communication, social and emotional skills necessary as they solve these complex problems collaboratively.
To supplement the physical kit, play or create a Breakout digital game (on the web or through an iOS or Android app). The online format allows teachers to track progress and set time limits for students. These digital games are geared more toward warm-ups and homework and can be completed individually. Students can also design their own digital games that can be approved by the teacher and added to a classroom library. 

We have two Breakout EDU kits that are also available to check out through the Syracuse Teacher Center.   Upon successful completion of this badge, Syracuse Teacher Center Breakout EDU kits may be checked out for a two week period.  Complete this form to request to check out this equipment:

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