Sketching Basics

Option 3: A Reflection

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Upload a link to publicly viewable Google file or a document that includes: - one of your sketches from days 19-24 - your response to the following prompt: "What makes this sketch powerful to me and my community?"

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My PLN is extremely important to me. I created this sketch to show my love and appreciation for all the work we do together for students.

kathisuesummers Over 5 years ago

World community and how we speak changes dependent on our setting and culture.

Google Docs

Sketch 50 Reflection 19-24

As an international teacher world is so important to me and my community. We constantly have to consider the different perspectives, backgrounds and cultures that we are all coming from. It is really easy to be ignorant and thoughtless in our words and actions. We have culturally acceptable nor...
ruthie_bee Over 5 years ago