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Using a cloud-based photo album service (ie Google Photos, DropBox, Padlet, etc), collect your Personalized Learning Sketches into a single folder and submit the publicly viewable link.

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#sketch50 Days 9-11. Catching up way late.

mcarlingoldberg Over 5 years ago


Google Photos

Days 9-12 Sketch50 2017 -- Personalized Learning

4 new photos · Album by Cate Tolnai
ctolnai Over 5 years ago

Debs Collection for #Sketch50



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debbie-baff Over 5 years ago

This section was me pulling in different types of sketches that I have actually done over the years as well as current.

Google Docs

#Sketch50 9-12

Sketch50 Challenge... Sketches 9-12
kathisuesummers Over 5 years ago

Here is the link again.


Video by Msuarez

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mcsuarez Over 5 years ago

M. Tolen Days 9-12

ttmomtt Over 5 years ago

#Sketch 50 - @TechCoachCisco - Day 9-12

Google Photos

#Sketch 50 - @TechCoachCisco - Day 9-12

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techcoachcisco Over 5 years ago

Several days here, including 9 -12


Ruth Baker on Twitter

I'm a bit late, but I thought I would join in @sketch_50. Hopefully I have created a few icons that I can use in future #sketchnotes
ruthie_bee Over 5 years ago
rich-wilson Over 5 years ago

Sketch 50 sketches

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mcsuarez Over 5 years ago

Google Doc photo albumn

Google Docs

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loperc Over 5 years ago

Google Photo Album of Day 9-12 sketches

Google Photos

#sketch50 9-12 Personalized Learning

4 new photos · Album by Phil Macoun
pmacoun Over 5 years ago