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Narrated image projects include an image, which can be a drawing or photo, shared with accompanying audio narration.

Required Evidence

Create, capture or save an image

Create a digital drawing using an app like SeeSaw, ProCreate, Paper53, etc. Alternatively, take a photo with the camera, or save an image from the web. Consider using copyright-friendly and "attribution-included"images from or Type "done" when complete. More Info

Record audio narration

Import the image into an audio recording app like SeeSaw, Voice Record Pro, or iMovie. Record accompanying audio. Evidence: Type "done" and submit when complete. More Info

Export and Share

Export the combined image and audio as a video file, saving to your device or computer. (If using SeeSaw, the drawing and audio recording can both be created within the app.) Share the exported video on SeeSaw. Optionally, share on Twitter with the hashtag #create2learn. Share the link here. More Info

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