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Co-Hosted 2019 Southeast Update Conference and co-presented "Coaching Session for Specialists"

                                             Recharge your SIM Battery
his was the debut of Southeast SIM in the heart of NASCAR country!  As a part of the planning committee, I had the pleasure of co-hosting the conference by completing the Welcome and Keynote Block Party Activities for over 30 participants.  I also co-presented the  "Coaching Session for Specialists" which we designed as next steps for the Micro-Credentialed Specialists who attended the conference.  As a group we created a SIM Sponsored race car which we decorated with our favorite SIM slogan or activity.
retired6 Over 2 years ago

Professional Developers presented how Cecil County Public Schools implemented writing strategy instruction.

ajgroce Over 5 years ago

Blending SIM and Content

This presentation was created to explore the ways CCPS is blending the use of Content Enhancement Routines, Writing Strategies, and content expectations.
melissa-fazzino Over 5 years ago


AR SIM PDers shared successes, barriers, and celebrations related to SIM implementation. 
kcalhoon Over 6 years ago

Presented 2 sessions of "Word Mapping Made Easy: How to MAP in Content Area Classroom" on January 27th, 2016 in Orlando, FL.

harrismo Almost 7 years ago

Presented 2 sessions of "Word Mapping Made Easy: How to MAP in Content Area Classroom" on January 27th, 2016 in Orlando, FL.

harrismo Almost 7 years ago

Minnie Pearls: Voices from the Field

Participants were handed out cards which had different types of pearls (natural, cultured, freshwater, akoya, baroque, Tahitian, South Sea, saltwater, and Nacre. Based on type of pearl, participants moved to the table that had the card that matched their pearl.  Discussions were conducted in which participants shared next steps in implementation of LS or CER then identify support you need from AALI team.  Whole group discussion was then shared which allowed participants to see what is happening with SIM across the state.
lesleymerritt68 About 7 years ago

Mini Pearls Presentation

Reported out to the whole group about the challenges that those of us that are still in the classroom are finding with Implementation of CE. One being buy in from administration and turnover at the top. 
jeromeharper About 7 years ago

Paragraph Writing Star Writer

I co-facilitated the Paragraph Writing Star Writer program with Karen Robinson at the AR Update. 
pattyke About 7 years ago

Fundamentals & Proficiency in the Paragraph Writing Multi Media CDs

I presented the Paragraph Writing  Strategy to participants and facilitated the Star Writer CD program. 
karenrobinson About 7 years ago

Welcome, Interactive Keynote Session, LS PM Tools, & CE and State Standards

The SIM x Southwest Update was facilitated by the fabulous Region 13 team and hosted 29 SIM professional developers and apprentices. Yee Haw!
pattygraner About 7 years ago