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List the sessions you attended, and any comments about those sessions you want to share.

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Video and Coaching with Dr. Jim Knight

This session gave me so much to think about. The one minute video-taping created such an amazing opportunity to do some self-reflection as well as brainstorm opportunities for implementation. 
probsts Almost 7 years ago

Coaching and Strategic Instruction Credentials

  • Instructional Coaching (Knight)
  • Content Enhancement Routines (Lenz)
  • Learning Strategies (Graner)
  • Social and Emotional Skill Building (Schumaker)
  • Video and Coaching (Knight)
  • Differentiated Visual Tools (Ellis)
  • The Framing Routine (Ellis)
  • Coaching (Knight)
  • The Vocabulary LINCing Routine (Ellis)
  • The Teaching Cause and Effect Routine (Bulgren)
  • GIST (Lenz)
  • The Self-Questioning Strategy (Graner)
  • Organizing Together (Vernon)

csfeldma Almost 7 years ago


Instructional  Coaching
Content Enhancement Strategies
 Learning Strategies 
Social  and Emotional  Skill Building 
The Framing Routine
Differentiated  Visual Tools
LINCing routine-vocab
Teaching  Cause  and effect 
Word Identification  Strategies 
Self-questioning Strategies 
Listening and Note Taking Strategies 
lhalcro Almost 7 years ago

These are the sessions I have attended:

Commas and Punctuation, Sentence Writing, LINCing Routine, Paraphrasing and Summarizing, Possible Selves, Self Questing, Question Exploration 
melissa2016 Almost 7 years ago

See below

Word Mapping Paraphrasing and summarizing Possible Selves Instructional coaching Video and coaching Fundamentals in sentence writing Self questioning Question exploration routine
cforman Almost 7 years ago

Coaching Strategic Instruction

The Framing Routine, Differentiated Visual Tools, Vocabulary LINCing Routine, Teaching Cause and Effect, Word Identification, Self Questioning, and Listening and Note-Taking Strategy
bridgit_hopkins Almost 7 years ago

Sessions attended

Coaching, Video & Coaching, Fundamentals in Sentence Writing, Word Mapping, Paraphrasing & Summarizing, Possible Selves, Micro-credentials, & Concept Mastery. 
tinafisher Almost 7 years ago

Sessions Attended

  • Instructional Coaching (Knight)
  • Overview: Content Enhancement Routine, Learning Strategies, Social and Emotional Skill Building
  • Commas and Punctiation(Schumaker)
  • SCORE Skills(Vernon)
  • Coaching (Knight)
  • Socially Wise (Vernon)
  • Talking Together(Vernon)
  • Word Identification(Graner)
  • Micro-Credentaling (Graner)
  • The Narrative Strategy(Vernon)
dgillam Almost 7 years ago

All of the sessions attended is in the body of this text.

Instructional Coaching, Content Enhancement Routines, Learning Strategies, Coaching, Social and Emotional Skill Building, The Framing Routine, Differentiated Visual Tools, The Vocabulary LINCing Routine, The Teaching Cause and Effect Routine, GIST, Concept Mastery, Implentation Planning and Sharing, The Listening and Note-Taking Strategy.
tbastock Almost 7 years ago


Video and Coaching
Sentence Writing
Vocabulary LINCing Routine
Word Identification 
Paraphrasing and Summarizing

snydec Almost 7 years ago

Word Mapping Possible Selves Pareaphrasing/Summarizing

sdunlay Almost 7 years ago

Instructional Coaching, Video and Coaching, Sentence Writing, Vocab LINCing, Possible Selves, Paraphrasing/Summarizing, Self Questioning

cholland Almost 7 years ago