Jocelyn Washburn

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Blended Professional Learning Experience with Content Enhancement

  • August 1, 2018 at 12:20 PM
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Presenter: Jocelyn WashburnSession Type: CONCURRENTSession Day: WEDNESDAYSession Location: REGENCY ASession Time: 11 - 12Topics: Instructional StrategiesUsing Technology to Improve InstructionAdolescent LiteracyInstructional Coaching/Professional LearningThis session will explore the use of blended learning for professional development. During the 2017-2018 school year, four teachers participated in a blended, self-paced professional learning experience to learn two Content Enhancement Routines, instructional strategies to plan and lead learning. Teachers learned how to draft Course and Unit Organizers by watching videos, by reading articles and their guidebooks, and by receiving feedback through distance coaching from SIM Professional Developers. The process included the use of video coaching, earning SIM micro-credentials, and virtual conferencing technology for collaborative sessions. Session participants will be prompted to consider their own opportunities to implement blended learning and requested to provide feedback to the presenters on how to improve their future professional learning process with teachers. Learning Outcomes/Next Steps Learning Outcomes and Next Steps: Provide an appropriate number of clear and focused learning objectives with specific actions participants will be able to take as a result of attending this session (maximum 50 words). • To explore the elements of blended learning for teachers • To generate new ideas for the use of blended learning with SIM Content Enhancement Professional Development • To provide feedback to presenters on their blended learning process