Peg Geegan

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Dr. Kingston illuminates the need for re-thinking assessment and authentic learning, affirming our fundamental passion to help all students.

  • February 7, 2017 at 4:36 PM
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Dr. Kingston's journey in conceptualizing "Useful Assessments" and "Dynamic Learning Maps" involved criss-crossing not only the physical geography of our country, but the intellectual and educational landscape of learning and assessment. He speaks of assessment not as a product but as a process that is firmly embedded in an elegant context of relevance and responsiveness to student needs. This understanding challenges the status quo of traditional educational testing models. We are invited to resist the urge to parse out the latest buzz words to make a case for new ways of thinking about assessments .  Unfortunately, the massive machine of standardized testing along with menacing political accountability systems cast a long shadow over the efforts of practioners to develop nuanced, personalized and effective approaches to reaching learners at all levels. For many of us, we feel that trying to change the system is like trying to turn the Titantic by all leaning to one side, the most likely result being a chilling dip in the drink. It is encouraging to hear about the important work being done to create an "Informed Instructional System" with input from educators to create learning maps, tools, resources and communities for engaging in continuous improvement. Dr. Kingston said, "Now that we have so many maps, maybe children won't get lost." And educators, too!