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Reflection of using QR Codes at Open House

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  • Last updated May 26, 2015 at 9:50 PM
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This is the first year I am using this method to show work and to let you know what we do in Room 502. What do you think about using QR codes? Was it helpful? What are pros? What were cons?

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Wow this is a amazing tool, it helps a lot saving time to see my son's work... I'm just learning how to use it but it's useful and fun

livier Over 6 years ago

Neat classroom engagement activity.

A neat way to engage and explore the class and it many projects. Only minor "con" is some of the instructions were a tid bit unclear. Major pro is the collaborative interaction between parents and students as they visited the various stations.
tapk Over 6 years ago

QR codes are a quick and easy way to view my daughters work.

QR codes are a quick and easy way to view my daughters work. I don't have to type in a website that takes extra time and steps. It could appear as foreign or too advanced for some. Otherwise, it is a great way to showcase work!
janine1727 Over 6 years ago

On open house Emily and me used the QR reader to see her badges.

I know how to get a QR reader by downloading it and by taking a image and it will take you to the website.
lorena Over 6 years ago

QR codes make it much easier for me to see my child's work.

I don't need to type in a website address and it doesn't waste paper since it is done mobily. This is a great way to not waste paper and to make it easier to access.
mina Over 6 years ago

i like how you do it because it's new to me and i think it is pretty cool. -alma santos

i like how you do it because it's new to me and i think it is pretty cool. it is also nice because we/you can learn a lot of things faster.
alma Over 6 years ago

This was a very smart way of displaying students work on the walls it saves space.

Thanks for the invite! I even opened a new tweeter account! This new account will be a plus for me and my profession as a makeup artist.
annikakamka Over 6 years ago


By using this app we could go to the web site using the qr code
pepinita Over 6 years ago

These students are doing amazing work.

I think it's great how you can scan a bar code and then see all of my students work
lbeck Over 6 years ago

Easy to use and fun to link to my son's web page.

nveelover Over 6 years ago

I enjoyed scanning the code and then being Able to look through the kids work.

i think that you should continue using the QR codes for the kids work.
daniellebratis Over 6 years ago

The QR code was a great idea for open house.

We thought the idea of using QR codes was very creative! Reece's code took us to a great example on the thinklink website. Hopefully you expand this in the future!
dsfernbach Over 6 years ago