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Connect with others globally and share your story.

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Connecting with teachers from other countries has changed my perspective on teaching and also opened new horizons to my students

I am a member of the biggest community of teachers in Europe - eTwinning. It gives more than 310,000 teachers the chance to connect and collaborate in a safe environment.
So far I have carried out a bit more than 30 projects; not all of them were very good, but some were exceptional and me and my students will keep them in our minds and hearts.
Some first reflections on this PLN can be found here eTwinning also engages in the professional development of the community; I would never have started using edtech in my teaching if I hadn't got the inspiration and support there. But I am just at the beginning, as you can see from this post
Going totally global now, by joining the 30 Goals Challenge will offer new opportunities - inspiring teachers and mentor, new perspectives and ideas, a great variety of tools to experiment with.
 All this will have an influence on my teaching and some of the missions I've carried out will also find their way into classroom. On the first day of this school year students gave themselves a pep talk, and I have created my first digital badge to keep students focused. Badges had been on my mind before but ... check this post ;
Once you open your classroom to the world you don't want to go back.

mrsu Over 6 years ago

Theodora Pap had a great innovative idea: put videos recorded by our students showing our cities and share! Global Connections!

We Are On Air! Revisited and Revisited part 2: TESOL GREECE and VIRTUAL ROUND TABLE April 2014

Finally, the so expected day came.TESOL GREECE was ready to welcome a very special presenter, our great Theodora!

This is Theodora in action and below, our new Padlet wall.



but... Theodora DIDN´T STOP there...

She presented the project in a Webinar for the wonderful Free Online Professional Event for educators: Virtual Round Table April 25-27, 2014.
Watching the video compilation where all the students talked as they showed their city, brought tears to my eyes! So well done! They spoke like professional reporters or tour guides!Congratulations dear teachers and unique children! YOU WERE AWESOME!
flcasella Over 6 years ago

GLOBAL EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2014: Once You go Global, There Is No Coming Back!

I recently presented for The Global Education Conference @GlobalEdCon

I have never experienced so much difficulty uploading slides on the platform and Internet has never been so slow these past days.

This is a fully amateur task because my goal is as follows: to work for a cause and not for the applause:
Quotes from

After I overcame many obstacles for about and hour and a half, I sort of gave my 50 minute-presentation in about thirteen.

My number one mentor and supporter, Shelly Sanchez Terrell asked me how it had gone, and to send her the link. 
(excerpt from our Twitter DM chat)

Despite the inconveniece of slides not easily uploaded, I am really thankful I got to present for some time and test myself once again as a rookie presenter. Why? Because...I love what I do!!
(Venspired by K.Venosdale)

I deeply thank Steve Hargadon, Lucy Gray and Amy Brinkley for the constant support and for giving me the chance to showcase my work as an international and connected educator.

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Making global connections

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